• Farming
  • Sep 11, 2021
Full time Dairy Drystock

Personal Summary

Hi, I am a 25 year old male currently looking at a career change. I have been working as a truck driver for the past 8 years working in both New Zealand and Australia. Having spent collectively 2 years working as a stock truck driver I have found a passion and interest for working with animals and would really like the chance to have a crack at working on a farm and possibly making a career out of it. I am keen and interested in learning all aspects of farming. Having travelled all over NZ and Australia I feel I have gained some good life experience along the way, as well as some good practical and mechanical knowledge. I have a very strong work ethic and can throw myself right into the job, learning what I need to along the way. I do work very well by myself but can also work well within a team and find I can work well and get along with most people. 

 Currently I am based in the bay of plenty but would happily move anywhere in NZ if accomodation can be provided or arranged. Ideally I would be looking for something around the end of the first quarter of next year however if a good opportunity came along I would absolutely consider making the move sooner. I am not entirely sure what the requirements would be to get into this sort of work however I am very keen on getting into it so if anyone is willing to provide the opportunity or even has any advice please get in touch, I would greatly appreciate it.