Emma Krs

  • Farm Hand, Calf Rearer, Milker
  • Rotorua, 3072, NZ
  • Apr 30, 2020
Full time Dairy Drystock

Personal Summary

I believe myself to be an enthusiastic, energetic, honest and polite person. I give my best to the task at hand, enjoy being part of a team, take pride in my appearance and communicate well with all team members.
I live on a 110-hectare block (70 hectares grazable) with my husband; we have three dogs, beef cattle, sheep and breeding Hinds, 60 bee hives are also worked on the farm. I am passionate about farming and enjoy working in the elements and with all types of animals. I am able to drive a variety of vehicles including a quad bike.
I enjoy learning and improving my skills and embrace formal and informal education opportunities. I am confident in crutching and dagging sheep and was in the process of learning to shear but due to Covid 19 that training has been cancelled. I have a year old strong-eyed heeding dog that I have trained from a pup. We are confident in working mobs of ewes and rams of around 400. I have a passion for farming and animal care.
I have my Animal Husbandry - Primary ITO level 3 paper and due to start the next paper of Pasture Management with Primary ITO in May 2020.
Having been responsible for a team of staff in a previous role, I am ready to have a bigger challenge in farming. This job would be an amazing opportunity.

Computer Skills
* Email, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point. Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Logo Design and Packaging, Photography, Product Ordering, Booking/Till payment systems.

Work Experience

May 2017 - Apr 2020 Agrodome

Full time position
During my time at Agrodome I have always been involved in the farmhand side of the business

The range of duties and responsibilities on farm included

• Responsible for creating and carrying out feed plans for all farm stock.
• Moving mobs of ewes on my own with my dog.
• Assisted the farm manager with mating plans, drenching, vaccinations, weaning, crutching and shearing, planning and completing tasks.
• Daily checks of stock during lambing and assisting ewes where needed.
• Confident in all aspects of docking.
• Have done some ewe body scoring, mouth & udder checks.
• Can fix 8 wire and batten fences. Hang gates and replace railing.
• I have a general knowledge of building and tools.
• Thistle control, spraying with Tordon Pasture Boss, using a nap sack and also a 600ltr spray tank connected to the 3 point linkage on the tractor.
• Other forms of weed control suitable to the task at hand.
• Have a high standard of stock care and treatment.
• Confident to work stock in paddock and yards on my own.
• Confident in trimming lame sheep and goats feet.

May 2017 - Jul 2018 Agrodome

Full time position

In addition to the position described below I also carried out the Stage Assistant role at times.

In this position I am involved with the Farm Tour operations, both as a tractor driver and a guide presenting an English commentary. I assist with the day to day operation of the Agrodome's working farm.

Range of duties and responsibilities include

• Tour guide for farm tours providing commentary of the animals and farm. This includes using Te Reo in the daily communications with tourists and staff.
• Perform daily maintenance checks on tractors and trailers and sign off before bringing vehicles to top car park.
• Refresh supplies of animal feed and other supplies as necessary.
• Liaise with other departments as required.
• Undertake day to day farming duties as required by the Operations Manager
• Undertake farm maintenance as required

• Assist with the preparation and presentation of Agrodome venues and there immediate surrounds, for events
• Cleaning and maintenance as required.
• Weed and maintain gardens around the Agrodome complex.
• Stock Management / Care
• Treat all livestock (including dogs) respectfully.
• Health and Safety awareness, complying with health and safety policies, procedures and standards.
• Familiar with the Ngāi Tahu Tourism Health and Safety Manual.
• Reporting all accidents and incidents by the end of the working day to management.
• Familiar with the Emergency Management Plan.
• Keeping all work areas kept tidy and equipment well looked after.
• Communication with Local and International visitors of all different cultures,
• Working as a team member of Agrodome with all staff.