Glanworth Farming Ltd

The original 40 hectare Glanworth property was pioneered from standing bush in 1892 by the late Thomas Fouhy. Glanworth has since remained in the Fouhy family and four generations on is now farmed by Shaun and Fiona.

The property now covers 890 hectares and is run as a breeding/finishing unit. Its contour varies from flat, easy hill to steep hill. It is located at the foot of the Tararua range which ensures year round rainfall (2000-2250mm annually), this generally provides good pasture growth throughout the summer months.

Glanworth Angus Stud was founded by Shaun’s Grandfather Pat in 1952. Performance recording began in 1962, Waigroup was formed in 1967. The initial breeding focus was around fertility, low/moderate birth weight, early growth, soundness and temperament. In later years an increased emphasis has gone on growth and carcass quality to ensure the cattle are delivering what the market requires. Sires were initially sourced from within Waigroup herds but more recently outside bloodlines have been used mainly through AI, this has helped benchmark the Glanworth cattle’s performance.

Glanworth now calves 260 cows including 2 year old heifers. The herd is run as commercially as possible and are expected to groom pasture to optimise sheep production. “The role of a true beef cow”