Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my listing be active for?

Your listing will appear on our website for 60 days unless you would like an earlier application closing date.

How much does it cost to place a listing on the website?

If you are an employer looking for staff view pricing details here.
If you are an employee looking for work view pricing details here.

I purchased the Standard job listing but was meant to select Ultimate, can I upgrade?

Sure can! Send us an email at with your listing details and we can sort this for you. 

I purchased the Ultimate job listing but my job listing hasn't appeared on your Facebook pages yet?

We schedule Ultimate listings over our social media pages at different times and on different days. We also only post one job per page to give maximum exposure to that listing. You should expect to see your listing on either page within a day or two. 

What should I include in my listing looking for staff?

1. A killer job title
2. An emotive introduction
3. Your company story
4. What you are looking for
5. What you can offer
6. Sell the location and lifestyle
7. Contact details and application process
8. The ultimate picture 

I am only able to upload one image, can I upload more?

At this time our website can only display one photo per listing. If you have chosen the Ultimate listing and would like more images to appear on social media, please email them to Please mention your job listing details so we can make sure the right images appear with the correct listing. 

Can you get me a job?

Unfortunately not. All jobs that have openings are public on this website, you will need to apply for the job of interest by following the instructions on the job listing you are interested in. 

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