Flat Point Station Ltd

  • Masterton, New Zealand

Flat Point Station is a family owned and operated farm located on the coast of the Wairarapa. Our core business is breeding and finishing all sheep and beef bred on farm. In addition, we make high quality grass and lucerne baleage and deliver this product throughout the north island.

Flat Point Station is 3400ha in size and varies from steep rugged coastal hills to rolling country, finishing at sea level on highly fertile productive flats. We offer a broad farming environment, with some large back paddocks, intensive finishing blocks, dairy grazing, feedlot fattening and various pasture types. This allows us to cover all aspects of meat production, from breeding to fattening. We run a composite sheep breed from the Wairere group combining romney and texel, with some finn and east fresian thrown in. Our cattle are pure angus from Dandaloo Stud, which work best on our hills and fatten quickly.

We are about 1hours drive from Masterton, so are considered quite remote. Hunting, fishing, diving and boating are all available on our doorstep to enjoy after your working week.