About Pāmu

Pāmu is a recognised leader not only in New Zealand’s agricultural sector, but around the world where our farming practices are studied and emulated. Pāmu stands for best practice in sustainable and safe farming, and for the unique provenance of New Zealand foods, nutrition products and fibre on global markets.

Our Story

Pāmu is the brand name for Landcorp Farming Limited. We chose the Māori word ‘Pāmu’ not just for its literal meaning ‘to farm’ but also to reflect the Māori concept of guardianship of the environment (kaitiakitanga).

Landcorp Farming Limited is a State-Owned Enterprise with a nationwide portfolio of farms that produce milk, beef, lamb, wool, venison, wood and more. Pāmu strives to be a leader in New Zealand agriculture, carefully creating natural products of high quality.

Our Vision

To become the premium supplier of meat, milk and fibre for niche markets globally.

Our Values

Grounded: We are proud guardians of our land and our animals, and we are grounded in our connections with these; our proactive protection of the environment ensures a prosperous future for now and for generations to come.

Genuine: We are genuine, always keeping it real, considering our neighbours and our impact; we are easy to engage with and we always deliver what we commit to.

Bold: We are bold in our vision, not afraid of the new; always growing and improving for a sustainable future in farming.

Shoulder-to-shoulder: We work together, shoulder-to-shoulder, united as a team to ensure each others' safety and wellbeing; we bring out the best in each other and the communities we work in.