Otiwhiti Station Agricultural Training School

Otiwhiti Station is in its 15th year as a Land Based Training Agricultural School. Since 2007 Otiwhiti has gained an excellent reputation for educating and training students both in theory and practical farming. The Otiwhiti cadets live on-farm and are involved in a combination of practical everyday farming activities with a day of theory in the classroom per week. Accommodation is located on the station with the cookhouse being an integral part of the complex.

The Otiwhiti Agricultural Training School is committed to training young people in their National Certificates of Agriculture that prepare and train them into young farmers going onto future Shepherding/Farm Management roles.

The cadet school is based on Otiwhiti Station, a historic and iconic large-scale sheep and cattle breeding property located in the Hunterville district, Rangitikei. The Station is a total of 2000ha.