Waikohu station ltd

  • Gisborne, New Zealand

Waikohu station is situated 3o minutes from Gisborne City. It is 1800 hectares in size and winters approx 15000 su. We winter 600 cows 3000 ewes and their replacements , we also keep on to finish steers when the seasons allow. Most of the fences are in good shape as maintenance has been kept up as to the stock yards. A house for the successful applicant is on farm and a five minute walk to the sheds. The home available is a three bedroom plus a sleep out.

May 24, 2022
Full time
$55,000 - $60,000 yearly
Waikohu station ltd
If you like fencing , hunting and people this could be just the job for you. Typically your majority of time would be spent with fence up keep , maintenance as addition to some new fencing , some Stock work in yards and a bit of time in the seat of a tractor assisting cropping management. The guiding would be outfitter assistance until proven competent on a train as you go basis . This is a 40 hour week job in a friendly and appreciative environment.  Your predecessor worked for us for 13 years , the other two staff have been here longer . This is a great opportunity but please , if you are not a competent fencer , (conventional 8 wire post and batten fence ) you won't make our short list , sorry. . THANKS in advance , BJ Holdsworth