Morrison Farming

Morrison Farming is a family owned and operated sheep and beef farming agri-business. Morrison’s have farmed at the main farm since 1864. We have properties on two locations totaling 1250 effective hectares. We winter 14,000 stock units, 50% sheep and 50% cattle.

The stock class is matched with the land type by running the breeding ewes and the breeding cows on the hills. The flats are used for growing heifers and hoggets, and finishing lambs and bulls. A key focus of the business is balancing feed supply with animal demand. Having scale, multiple species, and a variety of land types complements this.

Using crops, some supplement, fertiliser and good grazing management (rotational grazing) ensures we grow as much feed as possible, which is converted to as much product as possible. We calve heifers at 2 years old and lamb hoggets at 1 year. Cows and ewes have high reproductive performance, and growing and finishing livestock are grown at the maximum. Farm technologies including Farmax, Cash Manager, FarmIQ, performance recording of cattle and sheep and EID support on-farm practices, decision making and help us to analyse the business.