Drover Ag


DroverAg’s specialist ag recruitment team have been involved in large corporately owned agribusiness enterprises as well as smaller family-owned operations. They know what it takes to create a successful on-farm team.


Founder of DroverAg, John Boote, is passionate about seeing young people placed or trained into good agricultural jobs.  

After many years managing mixed farming and Wagyu breeding operations in Victoria and South Australia, and pastoral operations in the NT, John and his family moved to Gympie, Queensland in 2016.

In 2019, Drover Ag was formed and has expanded across Australia, in many agricultural industries. 


John’s understanding of ag recruitment is based on 20 years’ experience working on and manage of farming properties and cattle stations across four states and territories of Australia. The challenge of attracting and retaining the staff required to complete general farming tasks and make improvements was a constant source of frustration during John’s time in various management positions.

The extensive network of farmers and rural employers John has gathered allows him to connect the right worker to the right position. He also loves helping young people find their way into fulfilling agricultural careers.


After many years hands-on industry experience the Drover Ag team thoroughly understand the needs of a broad range of industry clients. They apply a similar, practical approach to all their applicants in qualifying their knowledge, experience and abilities. This ensures that the right people are placed into positions best suited to their practical abilities – be it management, cattle, sheep, cropping, or skilled machine operation; in all corners of Australia.