Rushbrook Farm Limited

  • Doyleston, New Zealand

Rushbrook Farm Ltd is a true family business that has spanned three generations since father, Phil Garrett, first arrived on the farm in the mid 1980’s.  Andrew and Amanda Garrett moved onto the farm in 2001. Since then, through acquisition, the farm has grown to a 440ha operation, with approximately 300ha under pivot.  In 2012 a 1000 cow barn was built together with a 14000 cubic metre effluent system.  This has proved very successful, ensuring that cattle are housed during wet conditions, and resulting in production more than doubling to a 600,000kgms enterprise. 


Approximately 80 hectares of Maize is grown each year with barley also grown from time to time.  All bull calves are reared either for the store market or finishing.   With all effluent being spread on farm, there are no additional nitrogen requirements and, with the exception of the maize crop, no additional fertilizer applications, making Rushbrook a leader in its field.