Lorne Peak Station Limited

  • Garston, Northern Southland

Lorne Peak Station is a 5600ha family owned and operated property, ranging from developed flats including 300ha+ lucerne, pivot irrigation and a large cropping program, through to developed hill & high country.

We winter 22,000+ stock units, comprising 9,500 Romney ewes and 2500 hoggets (some in-lamb), 300 Angus cows, 100 in-calf R2 heifers, 600 dairy cows wintered and a developing 700+ bull beef operation. We attempt to finish all progeny and buy-in as the season allows. Our focus is on excellent feeding balanced with promoting pasture quality.

We are a small, tight knit, productive team comprising:

  • Matthew & Shona - owners/managers
  • Phillip - Matthew's father, odd jobs man
  • Stock manager - vacant
  • Joshua Tosh - Senior shepherd general
  • Mark Taylor - tractor driver

Our Vision

By 2030, Lorne Peak will be a showpiece property, producing exceptional stock from outstanding pastures, continually innovating and a place people come to learn & grow, while always enhancing the farm environment.

Lorne Peak will succeed under a passionate and highly motivated team, allowing ourselves a hands-on mentoring role so that we can enjoy life and provide our family opportunities.

Our Values

We develop people and farms

We do the right thing by people, animals & land

Grow or go, but Earn the right to Grow first

Family – stewardship & heritage

We embrace change and ask ‘why not’

Time is precious so enjoy what you do

Celebrate success and don’t dwell on failure