Horizon Farming Limited

Horizon Farming Limited is a sheep, beef, and deer farming operation based in Hawkes Bay comprising 52% leased and 48% owned land with a combined total area of approximately 8800 effective hectares. This land is run in eight different blocks from Havelock North to Woodville.

The company is owned by the Holdsworth family from Wellington, employs 27 full time employees as well as several casual staff, and contracts a Managing Director. It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 3 members of the Holdsworth family, one independent Director and the Managing Director.

It runs approximately 90,000 stock units which comprise both breeding and finishing animals with a sheep to cattle to deer ratio of 54:44:2. The company has strong relationships with Ovation (sheep meat processor and exporter), Atkins Ranch (lamb meat marketer), Alliance (beef processor and exporter), NZ Merino (wool handler and marketer), and WNZ LP (wool handler and exporter).