Woorabinda Farms

  • 460 Four Mile Road, Caramut VIC, Australia

Australia Victoria Angus Cattle, Wagyu and Merino Sheep station 

Woorabinda is seeking two permanent young energetic, enthusiastic responsible employees to join our experienced competent management team of three. Some experience with cattle is essential. All general stock work, including calving, along with some knowledge of machinery, fencing and building.

Woorabinda property receives 630 mm rainfall on average and is situated in the western districts of Victoria, a 30-minute drive north of Warrnambool and 3 hours west of Melbourne.

The property being 2,600ha, presently will calve 1750 angus heifers and cows this august /September which will increase to 2000 over the next few years. All bulls are purchased. Some 400 plus heifers to Al program to angus, the older portion 7/800 of herd go to Wagyu to produce an Fl cross for feedlotting. The aim being marbling and premium price, 1100 calves will be turned off grass and or grain at between 400 & 500 kg, July to February. Also, some 4500 dry merino sheep, being lambs and wethers are being run. The total dse/su is 38/40,000.

 Continual development includes pastures, some rock work in areas, replacing new for old fences contracting, new plantations contracting, constructing new tank stands and tanks for increased water volumes for increased stock demand, water troughs and bases, feed troughs /pads, cattle grids, roads, buildings.

 The property is equipped with modern machinery and facilities to get all jobs done efficiently and safely.

 All water is supplied from lake Woorabinda being 105 acres in area, with a natural fill catchmentholding some l000meg and 2.3 km long, with over 100 acres of trees surrounding its foreshore, a very unique setting for relaxing at the club house, swimming, fishing, boating and skiing.

 A flat management structure means that this position/s has the potential to discuss and question all aspects of management plans and gain a clear understanding from existing staff.

Business values /personal attributes /communication skills. Safety above profit, regular and two-way review/s of position and performance. Being responsible to work unsupervised productively. Accurately checking processes and tasks, showing concern and pride of all tasks. Delivering and receiving of information clearly, an appetite to understand and build confidence.


Terms of employment and accommodation.Full time basis, position one year or more ,40 hours per week, overtime at 1.5 times weekly rate per hour including weekends or public holidays. Air fare return provided.

Cottage, 3 bed room provided, inclusive hot water gas, and electricity, excellent wood heater.Cottage presently lightly furnished, inclusive will be provided, beds, linen, fridge, freezer, tv. Fire wood. lawns to be cut when required, mower provided.

 Dog/s are not essential. can discuss.

An industry benchmarked salary will be offered respecting the experience of applicant/s between 50 and 55k per annum including industry annual four weeks holiday pay and superannuation at 10.5%.

Responsibilities include to discuss with manager and overseer the work program at hand and to help implement that program in a positive and practical manner. To assist in the implementation of annual work program on Woorabinda, to actively learn and contribute. To carry out all types of livestock procedures as required, including correct doses and safe handling of chemicals and recording procedures.To report, and maintain/carry out repairs /maintenance on yards, fencing, buildings, plant and water system, troughs tanks pumps etc.To ensure safe work practices at all times, in accordance with Woorabinda procedural manual.To be prepared to work on weekends when required to meet business objectives, which may be taken in lieu for other periods by arrangement.


We have employed kiwis in the past usually a couple of mates which works well for some travel experience and a chance to work on an iconic Australian Property.


If you are interested in this position please respond by email with your CV to


nkell916@bigpond.com or call Ned on 61 0409368773