Imola Farms

  • Rahotu, New Zealand

We are offering a VOSM/Contract milking position and are seeking someone with suitable experience to manage our 520-540 cow, 185 Ha farm situated in Rahotu, Coastal Taranaki. 

This is a well-developed and set up farm. The farm is tidy, mainly flat, has multiple water troughs per paddock, new electric four wire dividing fences, and a central race through the middle of the farm. We run a system 2 farm with an in-shed feeder, and PK through the summer period. The XB cows are being milked through a 40 bale rotary with ACR'S. The cowshed comes equipped with a child friendly room.

You will be required to employ 2 staff, as we require 3 full time staff members at all times. You will also be required to provide your own farm bikes.