Hillochs Ltd

  • Te Anau, Southland, New Zealand

Hillochs Ltd is a  family run sheep and beef operation situated in Te Anau, Southland.  

The farm is a family operation, however we had it leased out for 5 years before us kids(sister and brother) have got back into running the show ourselves. It has been a great opportunity the review the farm operation from the ground up.  Nothing is set in stone or done because grandads dairy says we should.

The farm is 950ha effective and is a mixture of flat to steep country, fronting onto 8km of river.  We have irrigation for 70ha but havent found justification to use it since fuel prices went up.  

We focus primarily on lamb fattening with the majority of lambs being finished on property.  80% of our stocking is sheep and the rest is dairy support or trading cattle.

The workers house is 3 bedroom heated by heatpump or fireplace.  It has a garage and detached garage/workshop. 

There is plenty to do locally with Fiordland right on our doorstep.  Of course there's all the hunting and fishing you want but if you are not into the "traditional" stuff there is plenty of tramping, climbing, kayaking and biking.  A little further afield we have queenstown with all the adrenalin activities that go with that or the fiordland coast for diving or sea fishing.