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Respected Sir/ Madam,

 My  Assignment  Profile

I undersigned Mr.Upase. P.B Technocrat, Agri  professional, Farm Technologist, Crop  Designer, Value based Farm Estate designer, High Tech farming designer
High valued Crop Technology provider, Herbal Farming, Herbal club design provider, Agri Tourism Designer. Cluster Farming design Provider ,Contact farming and source for Corporate to make use of contract farming  from world wide. Costliest  essential oils in the world production and distillation and placement working can be made available, Especially  Cosmetic Oil, Fragrance oil

Animal husbandry, Animal breeding, Cows, Beef cattle, Ranches  Dairy, Goat  farming, Sheep rearing, Pig farming, Horticulture crop designer mainly on Pineapple surface planting cropping design ,Olive plantation ,Berries, Pistachio Banana plantain crop design can be made, Vegetable farming ,cultivation of Exotic vegetables farming. As i worked on Vegetables ,Flowers ,Fruits cultivation for export with export parameters ,Cultivation for export and pickings with export guidelines can made available to the farming community. Grape  Plantation . Farm Assignment  in large estates for  Crop Management ,Pre harvest and Post Harvest Technology.

I will give the Farm estate Design to the farm owners and tailor made designing  on farm project can be made for outsider to come and buy it like celebrities from all over the world. I will get the export revenue for the country in all sectors of the allied agriculture industries. I am speaking with my experience and exposure world wide and inter acted with more than 7000 farmers world wide is my fluency in agri  sector.If i have given a chance i will change the  countries  farming sector will become revolutionary, revenue oriented, resourceful will automatically becomes world attraction . As  land is gift from god has  cream of the rich resourceful land blend only to give the final touch to it and blend it for high valued revenue generation for the country. Per capita income should be glorious.
If i have given a chance to serve with full cooperation with freeness in working , I will spare with no pains in satisfying my superiors with Zeal and honesty to enhance the prestige of the Country  / organisation. I will attract world investors with event management  in all sectors of Agri field.
I can design the projects in all sectors of the field and bring first country self sufficiency in food then export, As i can out source the companies for contract production and Processing which can be exported ,With pre harvest and post harvest technology i will bring in the system and system will work for ever.
If government is interested please be in touch.

Mr.P.B.Upase    +919448473420.  pbupase@rediffmail.com