Tepirita Enterprises Ltd

  • Te Pirita, Sharlands Rd, RD13 Rakaia, New Zealand

We are a specialist cultivation, drilling and precision planting business operating in Central Canterbury producing, fodder beet, kale, cereals, grass, maize, small seeds and development work.

We operate 3, 8345 R, a 8370 R, a 8295 R and a 9470 R John Deere tractors with auto steer and a range of equipment including 2 Vaderstad 7m Topdowns, 2 John Deere 6m 750A drills, 8m Vaderstad Rapid drill, 10m Swifterdisc, 8m cultivator and roller combination, 8m leveller and roller combination, 8 furrow reversible plough, two 12 row fodder beet planters and a Claas 3400 baler with more gear getting added annually.