Tepirita Enterprises Ltd

  • Te Pirita, Sharlands Rd, RD13 Rakaia, New Zealand

We are a specialist cultivation, drilling and precision planting business operating in Central Canterbury producing, fodder beet, kale, cereals, grass, maize, small seeds and development work.

We operate modernJohn Deere and Case tractors with auto steer and a range of equipment including 2 Vaderstad 7m Topdowns, 2 John Deere 6m 750A drills, 8m Vaderstad Rapid drill, 10m Swifterdisc, 8m cultivator and roller combination, 8m leveller and roller combination, 8 furrow reversible plough, two 12 row fodder beet planters and a Claas 3400 baler with more gear getting added annually.